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Hawaii Snorkeling - Snorkeling in Hawaii:

Discover the joys of Snorkeling on the beautiful Kona & Kohala Coasts of the Big Island of Hawaii. Imagine floating along on Hawaii's ocean surface, your weightless body snorkeling in the warm ocean current as green sea turtles go about their business, nibbling at the colorful coral reef beds. Snorkeling and watching the hundreds of silvery needlefish as they dart about in perfect sparkling unison or follow brilliantly colored parrotfish meandering through a fluid neighborhood as you hear the whistles of dolphins and song of whales in the background.

hawaii snorkeling

Pawai Bay Kona Hawaii has an excellent variety of tropical reef fish and dramatic terrain for snorkeling, with ledges, caves, shallow shelves and steep drop-offs; and all coral encrusted lava formations. Frequent visitors to the bay and snorkeling are manta rays (up to 10 feet across!), spotted eagle rays, and green sea turtles. Hawaii snorkeling depths vary from 3-4 feet on the shallow ledges to blue water where the bottom disappears at 100 feet. Average is about 18 feet.

Hawaii's waters are among the richest in the world, and present the finest snorkeling and scuba diving along the beautiful Kona Coast. Snorkel in Hawaii and see thousands of brilliantly colored tropical fish, endangered sea turtles and wild dolphins amongst the gorgeous coral reef gardens at Pawai Bay, a protected marine preserve.

Kona Hawaii Snorkeling:

Kealakekua Bay Hawaii Snorkeling
Location - Approx. 20 miles South of Kailua-Kona.
Water Entry / Exit - Easy snorkeling via the steps at the end of the wharf next to the two boat platforms.
Snorkeling Route - Follow the shallow reef to the north to see lots of colorful fish. The surf kicks up silt in this area which lowers visibility on this side of the bay.

Captain Cook Monument Hawaii Snorkeling
Location - Approx. 20 miles South of Kailua-Kona.
Crystal clear water; shaded area for picnic; historic monument; abundance of sea life; possible sea turtle sightings; shallow reef offers excellent snorkeling conditions; free-diving excellent too.

Honaunau Place of Refuge Hawaii Snorkeling
Location - Approx. 20 miles South of Kailua-Kona.
Water Entry / Exit - The dive entry is one of the nicest lava-ledge entries you'll find on the island. Have your buddy help you step down to the water level, then gently slip into the water.

Kailua Bay, Kailua-Kona Hawaii Snorkeling
Location - Adjacent to the pier on Ali'i Drive in downtown Kailua-Kona. Water Entry / Exit - Easy snorkeling via the small beach between the pier and the King Kamehameha hotel. Snorkeling Route - Straight out from the beach at the King Kamehameha, then curve North around the Hawaiian ruins and follow the shallow reef. Keep an eye out for outriggers and kayakers. See fish galore in the clear, calm waters here.

Hilo Hawaii Snorkeling:

Leleiwi Beach Park Hawaii Snorkeling
Location - Approx. 4 miles East of Hilo on Keaukaha Coast.
Snorkeling Route - Start off to the left of the rock wall and follow the reef. Sea turtles are very common in this area. A visit to Leleiwi Beach Park without seeing turtles is very rare.

Richardson's Beach Park Hawaii Snorkeling
Location - Approx. 4.5 miles East of Hilo on Keaukaha Coast.
Water Entry / Exit - Easy via the black sand beach.
Snorkeling Route - for beginners, stay in the enclosed cove. Watch out for surfers. For the adventurous, swim out and around (South) the lava rock outcrops this will lead you to a nice reef and lots of fish and usually sea turtles too - be careful during high surf conditions.

Kapoho Tidal Pools Hawaii Snorkeling
Location - Approx. 25 miles Southeast of Hilo on Puna Coast.
Snorkeling Route - Enter any tidal pool, many are interconnected. Tidal pools closer to the ocean contain more sea life. Watch out for stronger current near the ocean.

Hawaii Snorkeling

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