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The history of Hawaii begins when the islands of Hawaii were first settled by Polynesian migrants. This history happened several hundred years before Columbus discovered America and before European navigators explored and circled the globe during the age of discovery. The first history settlers of Hawaii probably came from the Marquesas Islands, near today's French Polynesia, far to the south of Hawaii. History says they arrived in Hawaii around 500 AD. Some of Hawaii's oldest history archaeological sites date back to about that time. Later in history, settlers probably came from the Society Islands, also part of today's French Polynesia.

hawaii history

Hawaii history says the Polynesians were master navigators and sailors and their world was dominated by the Pacific Ocean. They are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. They migrated across the Pacific by island-hopping in their simple double-hulled sailing canoes, settling the islands along the way. Hawaii history says they crossed vast stretches of open unknown ocean in simple craft using only their knowledge of ocean currents, winds and stars to navigate. That fact is undisputed. What anthropologists and historians do dispute are the routes, times and other details as to when this all happened. It is thoughtin Hawaii history, at least by some, that the first Polynesians landed along the southern shores of the Big Island of Hawaii. Some feel the Big Island would have been the first visible landmark when coming from the south because of the high peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. In history, the southern shore of the Big Island would have made for a natural landing site after a long sail across the ocean. Ka Lae, or South Point, is traditionally believed to be where those first migrants stepped ashore. From there, over succeeding generations, they spread among all the islands of Hawaii.

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