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Hawaii beaches are all beautiful. There are many different types of beaches in Hawaii. Hawaii white sand beaches are probably the most popular and among the biggest beaches the island has to offer, although there are some smaller white sand beaches also in Hawaii. The white sand is soft and the fine and it is gentle on the bottoms of bare feet. White sand beaches in Hawaii can be ideal for certain types of activities, like sun bathing, swimming and body boarding, but sometimes not so hot for scuba diving or snorkeling, as the sand may cover the reef. Of course, if there's no reef, there are no reef fish.

hawaii beaches

Hawaii Gray sand beaches can be found almost anywhere on the island. Beches are generally smaller in size, and of rocks and pebbles. Tenderfoots should be sure to take slippers or reef walkers with these Hawaii beaches. Gray sand beaches in Hawaii often offer ideal conditions for snorkeling and scuba but may not be great for body surfing or boogie boarding. The sand is rough on these Hawaii beaches and there is oftentimes many areas of exposed rock and reef.

Black sand beaches in Hawaii are rare in the world and fascinating. Like white sand beaches the sand you find there is usually very fine and easy to walk on, if not too hot. Black sand in hawaii is created either from the natural erosion of volcanic rock, or the instantaneous shattering of molten lava hitting cold seawater. These Hawaii beaches can take literally thousands of years fo form or less than a year. You can find these beaches on South facing shores of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Popular Hawaii Beaches:

Old Airport Beach Park - What used to be the Kona Airport is now a super beach for relaxing, picnicking, and exploring. Hawaii Beaches

Honokahau Harbor beaches - A short hike along the north side of the harbor brings you to a long, quiet, and private area of white sand beaches. The beaches, part of Koloko Honokahau National Park, have several protected pools and thus are great spots for children. Hawaii Beaches

Natural Energy Lab beaches - Near the airport, this collection of shallow tide pools and sandy spots is a great place for plane watching, sunning, relaxing and exploring. Hawaii Beaches

Kona Coast State Park beaches - The road is long and pretty rough, but the trip is worth it. The beaches have salt and pepper sand and is a nice spot for swimming, picnicking snorkeling, shore diving, lazy body boarding and seasonal whale watching. Hawaii Beaches

Hapuna Beach State Park beaches - One of the nicest beaches in Hawaii and possibly anywhere, Hapuna has beautiful white sand, a clean sandy bottom, and great surf. This is the best beach on the island for the beginning body boarder. Hawaii Beaches

Kauna'oa Beach - This beach at Mauna Kea is a delightful spot with white sand, clear water and moderate surf. The snorkeling is good at the left end of the beach and this is a great place for children to try body boarding. Hawaii Beaches

Hawaii Beaches

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